Il “cable” su AddioPizzo

Dall’interminabile archivio di Wikileaks emerge un file riguardante Sud, lotta alla mafia e persino l’associazione “Goodbye Pizzo”, la nostra AddioPizzo.
Qui un estratto, il resto è disponibile qui.


Business owners have been emboldened by the continuing string of law enforcement victories, with more and more reportedly refusing to pay extortion money (known in Italian slang as the “pizzo”), particularly since Provenzano’s arrest.
According to the recent annual report issued by the National Traders Association (Conferescenti), up to 80 percent of businesses in Palermo and Catania paid protection money in the past year, and the cost of extortion is higher in Sicily than any other part of the country. Several anti-racket associations have been formed, reportedly with good results. The most prominent is “Addio pizzo” (“Goodbye, pizzo”), formed in 2004, which counts 210 traders and entrepreneurs as members and over 9,000 consumers committed to buy only at shops belonging to the “pizzo-free” list. Palermo police and the prefect have agreed to discreetly look after the member shops. “Addio pizzo” has organized programs in more than 90 schools and educational institutes, with the participation of prosecutors and police, and also conducted a “pizzo-free” festival in one of Palermo’s main plazas in May 2006. (One of the association’s leaders has been selected for a State Department International Visitor program in 2008, which will focus on awakening public opinion to rule of law and supporting NGOs who fight organized crime.)


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